2006 Events

Murder Mystery
The Murder Mystery was held 15 Sept at Ian's & Linda's house. The play was set in the 1930s & after a super meal we set forth to solve the murder. All joined into the spirit of the evening & the costumes caused great amusement. A similar evening was held last year & we are planning to make it an annual event as long as we can be kept supplied with murder games. If not we will have to start writing our own.





Quiz Evening

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A general knowledge quiz was hosted by Mike & Marcia during September, with three teams competing for spectacular prizes. The winners being  'Last of the Famorcans' comprising Ian, Sheila and Dorothy, with runners-up 'Noble 3' in the team of Izzy, Linda and Mike, closely contended by '3 Throstles' of  Vera, Hal and Marcia.


Fun in the snow

... and the year the main street was dug up to lay new pipes.  
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