2007 Events

Murder Mystery
Mike and Marcia hosted the Murder Mystery evening starring Famorcans past and present but in Planes this year. Dec 1st saw it set at the Ballroom Championships and all were dressed up in their glad rags. The scenes were acted out with great hilarity and innuendos (mostly from Ian & Mike Noble.)

A lot of the clothes provided by the Red Cross Shop, Teulada, especially Dorothy's bra!! (see picture)

Come up and see me anytime!

Well I know what I'M going upstairs for!

Butter wouldn't melt in our mouths You know when you've been tango'ed!
Is that a calabacín in your pocket or are you just VERY pleased to see me? keeping an eye out for any googlies.


Quiz Evening

(For questions click here)


With Mike and Marcia moving away from the village, we had to find a new venue for the quiz this year, and settled for the bodega in Calle Diputación. We set the date at 18th October and with Vera begging off due to a heavy cold, we fielded two teams: the Leopards, comprising Ian, Mike Keen, Marcia and Dorothy, versus the Ark-angels, comprising Mike Noble, Lesley, Beverley and Linda.

We had three rounds of general knowledge questions, with a picture and music round to add some variety. Competition between the teams was best described as 'fierce' and eventually The Leopards emerged as winners.

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