2011 Events


Burns' Night Supper

With vegetarian 'haggis' now available, we decided to hold a Burns' Night Supper with the traditional 'Neaps & Tatties' , but supplemented with mushy peas to provide a touch of class to the evening.

Although traditional dress was not specified, the parties arrived in appropriate costume, which gave and added a sense of history to the occasion. Not sure if some of the tartans relate to still warring factions, but in the absence of Scottish dress, Ian arrived as 'Rabbi' Burns, with homburg, scarf and overcoat - Oy Vey!

The haggis was addressed and toasted in time-honoured fashion and drink, chat and humour were plentiful throughout the evening.


Marcia & Dorothy in appropriate costume
Mike K spearing the (vegetarian) haggis
Ian - delivering the address to the Haggis
with his sporran swinging in the breeze

Quiz Night

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